Londonderry Social Housing Redevelopment Project

The Londonderry Housing Redevelopment continues to move forward.  The website with updates and information on this project is now live.  The website is:


Kilkenny Neighbourhood Reconstruction

Decorative Streetlight Committee (DSLC)

Meeting: 2016/06/01 @ 5:00-7:00pm @ Kilkenny Hall Meeting Room

The DSLC will choose one design to submit to the City of Edmonton by July 2.  If you would like to be on this committee – please email or call - 780-478-3269.

Please understand this meeting is to decide on a decorative option only.  This is not a forum to approve or reject the installation of said option.  The City of Edmonton will send out Expression of Interest (EOI) to all residents containing the estimated costs by September 1.  Property owners must return the EOI to the City by November 15 either in favor or against the choice put forth by the Decorative Streetlight Committee.  For more information, please click HERE.


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